Airlie Beach Skatepark

How good is it to find a free undercover public skatepark? That’s a big tick for the Airlie Beach Skatepark with its open sides and roof overhead. Also known as the Whitsunday Skate Space, the park is part of a much larger sports precinct branching out from the PCYC.

The skatepark is made up of small to medium transitions and a few street elements. There’s a 3 1/2ft concrete halfpipe with metal coping. One side of the halfpipe transitions around into a volcano edge and has transitions on the other side. These are split at 4ft and a 6ft extension. Opposite these is a split flat bank with hip.

With small flat banks either side, there is a fun box in-between with a hubba and flat square rail. There is also a small launch pad on the side. A long ledge with metal bracing borders the building. There’s a few random moveable elements on the flatland including a flat rail, mini spine ramp and concrete barrier.

There’s a few facilities around given it’s part of the sports precinct. A water fountain is right next to the park, and there’s a canteen and other amenities.

How to find the Airlie Beach Skatepark

You’ll find this spot as you head out of Airlie towards Shute Harbour. It’s on the left of Shute Harbour Rd and just over the hill from the Port of Airlie. Just look for the football fields and it’s right next to that. There’s plenty of parking spots around and a bus stop out the front. If you’re skateboarding there you’ll find a gate in the fence on the road side.

Check out some footage from Airlie and get an idea of how the park flows. This guy covers the fun box, hip, banks, extension and halfpipe. The footage was posted up back in 2016, but things haven’t really changed much since then.

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