Alexandra Hills Bowl

If you love your skate bowls then Alex is the spot in Redland you’ll want to visit. The Alexandra Hills Bowl has two side by side.

The bowls are joined by a spine which extends to a small platform. One bowl is small and tight making for a fast ride. It has transitions starting at 4ft in the shallow to 5ft in the deep. The deep end sits next to the shallow on the second bowl which is larger and more open. The shallow side has 6ft transitions and the deep is 7 to 8ft with vert. The bowl dips on the flat going from shallow to deep, giving that extra boost. The Alexandra Hills Bowl has metal coping and large platforms. The transitions and flat are painted. A better name for the park would be Blue Bowls. It’s not only factual but more fun to say fast out loud. You could even say Alex has blue bowls. Getting the picture?

There was a lot of debris in the bowls so you’ll want to bring a broom and maybe even a dustpan. Trying to get piles of stuff out of a 6 to 8ft bowl isn’t fun. There’s bush land lining the fence so this is a constant here.

The bowls have a fence around them and are in Windemere Rd Park. There is a large shelter and seats in the fenced area. In addition the greater park has toilets, water, shelters, BBQ’s and a playground.

Getting to Alexandra Hills Bowl

The skate bowls are in Windemere Park on the Windemere Rd side. There’s no off street parking but you can park on the road. The skatepark is at the southern end of the park. Use landmarks or street view as a guide as the bowls are beneath ground level. If you park near the southern tree line around the bus stop and walk in on the path you’ll see it. Just look for the long shelter and seats within a fence. If you’re catching a bus there are stops on Windemere Rd. Check with Translink for routes and times.


Alex is not ideal for beginners, especially the big bowl. Kids may find it difficult to get out again, unless they go all ninja warrior style, or can skate their way out. Good skaters can tear this place a new one.

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