Poppy Olsen receives Hall of Fame Scholarship

Skateboarder Poppy Olsen is to receive a scholarship from the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. The scholarship is worth over $10,000. It includes one on one mentoring by Layne Beachley, winner of 7 world surfing titles. She also receives a $5000 sporting expenses grant and a return international economy flight. A presentation will be made at an induction and awards gala dinner, held at the Palladium, on Thursday 12th October.

The scholarship will run for a full 12 months and spans the length of 2018.

Poppy is a 17 year old skateboarder from Newcastle and recently won the vert world championships. She’s also won a bronze at the X Games and is on track for making the Australian Olympic team.

What Poppy Olsen had to say..

“The Olympics has always been the dream but I guess to be able to make a living from skateboarding would be the ultimate goal,” Olsen said.

“I guess I am so good at skating because I just love it so much, so I’m always doing it as much as I can.”

“Layne is incredible, it’s going to be awesome to have a mentor that also has a passion for riding a board,”

“I can’t wait to learn from her and hear how she deals with different situations.”

What Layne Beachley had to say..

“Poppy is a skateboarder on a mission and I’m thrilled to be in her corner, mentoring her to become the best athlete she can be,” Beachley said.

“Surfing and skateboarding are on a similar trajectory with inclusion into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games so it’s a wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge as a former world champion and current Chair of Surfing Australia with an athlete who has her sights firmly set on fulfilling her potential on the world stage.”

Poppy Olsen, Layne Beachley

Congratulations Poppy!

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