Santa Cruz Reissue Decks Coming in November/December 2021

Every 4 months or so, Santa Cruz Skateboards drops another few reissue decks to appease the masses. This drop is expected to start shipping from the 29th November 2021, although times will vary between each shop.

These ones are dropping just in time for Christmas. So whether you’re gifting yourself, telling others what you really want, or just looking for a new ride, you’ll be covered with this new batch.

First cab off the ranks is the green stain Bod Boyle Sick Cat Reissue. This one measures in at 31.78″ x 10″ with spot gloss graphic on a green stain. What says Christmas more than a sick cat bent over a toilet bowl?

Next up it’s time to create your own masterpiece. The Natas Panther 2 is arriving in a My Colourway scheme, where you can draw on it, paint, scratch, whatever you like to design something unique. Add your own flavour to iconic graphics. The deck has a width of 10.5″ and length of 30.125″.

An iconic graphic returns with a twist. This reissue comes with your very own decoder lens. Look at the deck through the lens and the print will change. This 10.1″ x 30.1″ board will be the envy of your mates until you trash the graphic doing board slides. You could always hang it on a wall, but where’s the fun in that?

Last but not least, it’s the Jeff Kendall Atomic Man with a red stain. This rad piece of hardware measures in at 9.75″ x 31.66″. Take your skating nuclear with this ride.

So there you have it, four new release Santa Cruz reissue decks to drool over whilst you wait impatiently for stock to arrive. We would recommend that you hit up your local core skate shops and place an order early if you want one or more. Stock on the Reissue’s does clear quickly and they are limited release.

Not what you’re after? If none of this drop appeal, there’s plenty more on the way. An Autumn Drop (Northern Hemisphere Spring) will arrive in Australia late March 2022. There’s also plenty of other Old School and Reissue Skateboard Decks already on the shelves. You can check out Santa Cruz boards as well as those from other brands right here at Skateboarder.

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