Banyo Bowl

Banyo Bowl is a horseshoe shaped shallow three foot bowl. There’s nothing else her but the bowl, like others you see at the likes of Holland Park and Wavell. In fact, this bowl bears a strong resemblance to Wavell Bowl more than anything. That is, before Wavell got an extension on the original bowl and a whole new section of quarters. There are no lights, not that you’d be spending at great deal of time skating there anyway. Its somewhere that’s worth popping into for a much around.

If you’re interested in getting some tricks down on the small stuff first then this might be a good place to try. The bowl is ok for a muck around generally, but the concrete used on the flat is a bit rough. Might be good for practising some tricks, but I wouldn’t be making a day trip lol.

How to get to Banyo Bowl

The Banyo Bowl is only a short walk once you hop off the train at Banyo Railway Station. Its in Memorial Park, at St Vincents Rd, Banyo QLD 4014.

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