Beenleigh Skatepark

Update: The Beenleigh Skatepark has undergone a massive upgrade. Basically the entire thing was ripped down and rebuilt. There are still massive ramps everywhere though. And whilst this is mainly a spot for BMX, there’s still fun to be had if you’re a skater.

Updated photos and details to come,

Check out a video from after the upgrade. There’s a few seconds near the end that give you an idea of the sheer scale of this place.

When you first lay eyes on Beenleigh, you think you’ve found your skating nirvana. There are ramps, banks and walls everywhere. Big ones, small ones, tall ones, all shapes, all sizes, end to end and ongoing. All is not as it appears though as this place was built for bikes, not boards. The ground is rough rock covered bitumen and it’s slow. Some ramps you’d need a tow in to have a crack at. The ramps are also getting a bit rough and holey (lots of holes, not righteous). But there is a lot of stuff to ride here, even if it’s not ideal on 54mm wheels.

There are over 10 assorted metal ramps spread throughout the park as well as a concrete halfpipe and bitumen pyramid. The ramps include a 10ft half-pipe with 1ft of vert, 4ft double halfpipe with spine, large pyramid with rail and grind box on top and a huge wall ride. There’s even a few on the condemned list with temporary fencing surrounding them.

This place has all the mod cons with lighting for night sessions. There’s also seats, shelters, bins and toilets.

This is not a park you’d want to take kids and/or beginners to. The jagged metal holes in the ramps are serious hazards. On the bright side the Logan city council is looking to upgrade the facilities at Doug Larsen Park so maybe we’ll see change soon.

Getting to Beenleigh Skatepark

There’s plenty of parking for those driving here. It’s not far from the freeway and pretty easy to find. Just look for the bmx track and ramps on the 90 degree bend on Logan St. Public transport here has a small hike attached with the train station being over 1km away, and the bus stop at least 500m. Nearest shops are around the same distance.

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