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One of the most recognisable brands in Skateboarding, the Independent Truck Company has been in the market since 1978. Producing some of the best trucks on the market is at their core.

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Independent Stage 11 Standard Trucks Angle Outside

Independent Stage 11 Standard Skateboard Trucks (Polished)

109, 129, 139, 144, 149, 159, 169, 215
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Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow Silver Skateboard Trucks

Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow Silver Skateboard Trucks

Out of Stock
129, 139, 144, 149, 159, 169
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Independent Pro Tiago Lemos Mid Skateboard Trucks
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  • Commonly known as Indy's.

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When it comes to Independent Trucks, you should always start your search at We help keep you up to date with the latest prices from Australian skate shops, and deliver them to you in one place. No more running around trying to find the best prices! Not only can you compare prices, you can compare trucks as well. Select the ones you are considering, then line them up against each other. Side by side you can see their weight, price, width, height and more. When you need info to make the best choice for you, this is the secret spot you've been searching for.

Range of Trucks

You'll find something to suit all major brands and styles of skateboard. From 129's to 215's, and a lot in-between, no matter the width of your deck there's something on offer that'll suit. Whilst there are varying widths, they also offer trucks with different designs and construction. From standard sets, through to low profile hangers, inverted kingpins, hollow axles and kingpins, forged baseplates and forged titanium trucks. Depending on your style of shredding and how deep your pockets are, you can find a set that compliments your style.

Old School Mounts

If you love an old school ride, you'll need the gear to suit. And when it comes to trucks, some of the old school decks that are making their way back onto the market have different mounts. Independent has you covered though with 6 hole universal patterns that suit both old and new. These are traditionally available in their 159 and 169 range. Be sure to check the specs though before diving into any purchase.

History of Independent

The company was co-founded by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson. The first set of trucks released on the market was on May 23, 1978. The vision of the company was to improve on the standards at the time as a lack of decent trucks was available.
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