Casino Skatepark

Casino Skatepark is a small part of a much larger park in Casino named Crawford Square. The skatepark sits a fair way of both roads, but is easily seen from the car park or Light St. Casino has a mix of both street and transition elements and is well worth the visit if you’re in the area as there’s lots to skate here.

At the top of the park on a raised platform is the bowl. It is quite a big bowl considering it’s shallow depth. It has 3, 4 and 5ft sections with metal coping all round. The shape of it adds a few hips into the mix.

There’s an assortment of elements heading down to the flat land. Quarter pipes, banks, cutout banks, curved ledge with a small quarter drop, and hubbas.

In the middle of the flat land there’s 3 combos. One is a spine that stands around 4ft and a smaller roll over. Another is launch pad style with a full length hubba down one side and a grind box on the other. In the centre there’s a big combo with a 4ft pyramid style edge with an added hip, launch pad with flat down rail and coping side, a smaller launch pad and a manual pad.

The other side of the park has a wall of quarter pipes and banks. All different heights and some different transitions. These range up to around 4 1/2ft in height down to about 3ft. The quarters all have metal coping.

What’s Around

This is a big park so there’s a lot on offer. There’s seats a shelter for the skatepark. There’s also a big BMX track, drinking water, playground and toilets.

Getting to Casino Skatepark

The park itself is the corner of Light St and Centre st. The latter is the main road that runs north south through town and turns into Summerland Way. There is off street parking and plenty of street parking on the side roads.

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