Cleveland Skatepark

Looks alright from a distance till you realise the flat is bitumen. And not just any bitumen, but the old cracking kind. It has wheel size gaps opening around the base of the transitions and banks. Inexperienced skaters should scout it out before diving in, and stick to the smoother safer parts. But if you’re after a gnarly challenge with some mangled terrain, give it a go. You may lose a few choice layers of skin but you’ll get kudos for shredding where others won’t. Besides, it’d make an epic video clip regardless of whether you slam or succeed. Cleveland Skatepark could really use a flat land resurfacing.

There is a three sided bowl with 3ft and 4ft transitions. There’s a lot of flat between sides. One side leads to a large bank whilst the other transitions to the down ledge. The large bank turns off creating a hip. There is a good sized platform around the bowl and it has metal coping. Heading down from the platform there is a hubba and down ledge. On the flat there’s a manual pad and grind box combo as well as a wedge ramp and rollover combo. Sitting in the back corner is a flat bank. Cleveland has a lot of flat space and there’s a few large trees hanging over it, so bring a broom.

There’s not many facilities here aside from the skatepark. A seat under a tree and a bin is about it. There are lights in a few spots but not sure whether they get put to use. There’s a few shops down Wellington St including a Maccas, 7 Eleven and an IGA.

Getting to Cleveland Skatepark

The park sits in behind the car park for the Aquatic Centre on Russell St, Cleveland. The entrance to the car park is next to the Cleveland Fire Station on the corner of Wellington St. If you’re travelling by car it’s about 800m off Finucane Rd, the main road heading east from Capalaba. There’s plenty of off street parking available. If you’re using public transport there bus stops about 200m down Wellington St heading in both directions. The Cleveland Train Station is about 1 1/2 kilometres down the road.


Bitumen flat parks usually mean a lot more bikes and a lot less skaters. But maybe a local could throw up a review and fill us all in.

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