Coomera Skatepark Open

Coomera Skatepark Open

With the tender being awarded by the gold coast council in April, work has begun on an improved Coomera Skatepark. Baseplate Designs have released plans for the upgrade and they include a bowl, ledges, rails and more.


The fences are down and everyone is flooding the park. Enjoy.


The Skatepark is all but finished now with the landscaping being done in the surrounds. The bowl looks as though it’ll be smooth and fast. The coping looks like granite so there’ll be some slick grinds. I dare say there’ll be an opening some time in the near future.

Oxenford Bowl ExtrasOxenford Skate Bowl

Oxenford Skatepark Street Section6 Stair rail and hubba at Oxenford

Oxenford Skate Park Street ElementsChecking out Oxenford Skatepark

Tiny Keyhole at Oxenford Skate BowlOxenford Skatepark Bowl


We decided to pop on over and have a look at how things are coming along and what we’ve seen looks interesting. The bowl is starting to take shape and a Nerang style keyhole doorway is visible. The top of the bowl sits a lot higher than the rest of the park so there’ll be some good variety in terms of levels. A few of the old banks and a quarter are still standing whilst the rest of the park goes up around them.

With the way it’s looking we can’t wait for it to be reopened.

We really are being spoilt for choice on the Gold Coast. Councils around the country should take note that this is how you do things and follow suit.

Coomera Skatepark Plans Coomera Skatepark Preview Coomera Skatepark Perspective

Progress at Coomera Skatepark Coomera Bowl Doorway Opening Coomera Skatepark Upgrade

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