Crestmead Bowl

The council must have had the smallest bit of concrete left over from building Crestmead Skatepark up the road and used it here. Because this bowl is small, real small. There’s plenty of 2ft three sided bowls around south east Queensland left as remnants from the 80’s, but the Crestmead Bowl is a half size version of those. The flat is a lot smaller and the transitions top out around 1 1/2ft and taper off on the sides. If you want to try out the absolute beginner level of all micro bowls then you’re on a winner here. The lip is rounded concrete and the deck 3ft wide.

The bowl sits in the middle of, well, nothing really. It’s an empty park with dirt, grass and bush land on the fence line. There is a playground in the distance but not much else.

Getting to Crestmead Bowl

The bowl sits in Coffey Park on Coffey st. There’s no pathway to the bowl and it’s in ground meaning it’s difficult to spot from the road. If you use Durant Ct as a guide and draw a line into the park you’ll see it soon enough. The nearest bus stop is 700m away, but it’s on the same route as the skatepark, so not sure why you’d catch public transport here.


Perhaps a magpie or two, maybe a possum at night. Might be a good spot to banish all the snakes to from other skateparks. Then they can snake themselves silly all day without annoying the rest of us.

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