Crestmead Skatepark

The Crestmead Skatepark has a little bit of everything. A round bowl, cornered 3 sided bowl, quarters, halfpipe, stairs, rails, fun box, hubbas, ledges, pyramids, big banks and a few extras.

The concrete halfpipe is 5ft with meatal coping and greets you at the entrance to the park. One side extends into a 6ft corner cut pyramid. A ledge is set back on the deck which acts as seating.

There’s a 4ft curved quarter with a large platform and a down rail on the side bank. A 3ft half pyramid sits down rails both sides sits at the back of the park. In the middle there’s a 4ft pyramid with 3 quarter sides and one flat bank with coping extending down to the ground. There’s a 2ft fun box with rail running side to side. At the back of the park is an 8 stair with hubba and flat down handrail. The three sided bowl is 3ft in height and has metal coping. The outer edge of one side has a spine leading to quarter and the back has a 2-3ft deck transfer to the rounded bowl. The rounded bowl has a mellow transition and tops out around 3ft. The opening out of the bowl has hips both sides. A bank and down ledge extend out from the bowl.

The skatepark sits in a community style park which has a lot on offer for those not skating. There’s the PCYC, basketball court, dog park, cool looking playground for kids, lots of trees, toilets and space. There are shops about 600m up the road on Waratah Drive.

Getting to Crestmead Skatepark

If you’re driving you’ll find Crestmead Park tucked away down the end of Gimlet St. You drive into the park, turn left, and there’s plenty of parking. The skatepark sits in behind the buildings and the basketball court. Just walk down the path between these. Buses stop a few blocks away on Augusta St. Check with Translink for routes and times.


Creastmead gets some heavy use by skaters as well as bikes. There are people here at all times of the day, even during school hours.

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