Edens Landing Dish

It is difficult to understand why this was ever built this way. It’s even more difficult to understand why the Logan city council would include the Edens Landing Dish in their list of skate facilities. It is essentially a hole cut out of the side of a hill with some concrete over the top. The deep end sits up the hill, the shallow down the bottom. If by chance you gather some speed from the top, there’s not much to slow down and carve on as the base is so small and rounded. You’re more likely to find yourself launching out the bottom which seems like it’d be fun. That is till you realise there’s nothing but a steep eroded incline there and a line of trees for brakes. I guess you could always go back to the layback in true 70’s style.

Someone has had the foresight to do a bit of DIY and try and make something of the dish. There’s a brick ledge sitting stop the shallow. Unfortunately the flat in the shallow also has a ton of sand making it near impossible to ride. Maybe a few DIY transitions would help. Think the dish is best left there to wait for rain though. Might prove a handy kiddies pool in Summer.

Getting to Edens Landing Dish

Really? If you’re not a local then why would you visit? If you are then you already know how to get there, just saying. But if you’re really keen though, there is an address listed, so throw that into your maps app and enjoy. You’ll need to park on one of the streets nearby and walk to it. It’s hidden from the road. Just head on foot up the hill to the left from Lindau St till you find it.

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