Ferny Grove Skatepark

Ferny Grove Skatepark is in Bob Cassimaty park off Samford Rd in Ferny Grove. At the entry there are two banks with a sloped rail that leads out to the main section. On the left side there are some decent sized banks to start a run on. There are three ledges in the centre with a sloped ramp on one end and a three stair on the other. Below the ramp there’s a fun Pyramid with a ledge on top of it. There is a small ledge with a kicker and bank on the centre left side. Looks like its for a little bit of scooter jumping lol.

Ferny Grove skatepark also has an L shaped bowl which is easier to skate on the street side section than it is in the lower section. The lower section is a very steep transition and no flat between. It might have been intended with BMX in mind. The surface of the bowl is average not too bad, the metal coping is quite good doesn’t stick out too much.

It’s well designed for coming up with a few different lines. Start from the park entry to the sloped rail to the ledges, and finish up on the bank that’s next to the bowl. Alternatively approach from the far bank which also has a small quarter attached to it. You can either hit the pyramid or the ledges from there too.

There’s no lighting here, no picnic tables to sit at, but there’s plenty of tree shade. Toilets are a good 100 metres walk back down through the park to the kids playground.

How to get to Ferny Grove Skatepark

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