Helensvale Skatepark

When you first see Helensvale skatepark from the road you think it looks like fun. Double half pipe with spine, various transitions, various heights, rails, hips, fun boxes. If you ride a bike or scooter you may keep that opinion after you ride it. If you’re on a skateboard you may change your mind.

The transitions here opposite the spine are relatively flat making pumping obsolete. So the half pipe you were seeing is not really a halfpipe. You can roll in, hit the spine, roll out. I’m sure you can get more inventive but you get the jist. The cut bowl, that’s a slight uphill run to get there. Things just seem a tad strange here if you’re a skateboarder.

Now it isn’t all doom and gloom for such an old park. It’s fairly smooth, painted, has a few rails, hips and small quarters that are entertaining. It has shade, seating, water, toilets and is right next to a bus stop and easy to find.

An added bonus if you love hitting fuzzy balls around as much as you love faceplanting, you’re in luck. The car park is shared with a tennis centre, and a court is right next to the park. You may want to bring your bike though as it’ll be more suited to the terrain…or your scooter and your mum.

Where to find Helensvale Skatepark?

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