Jindalee Skatepark

Jindalee Skatepark is about 12km south west of Brisbane, south of the Brisbane River. The easiest way to get there is via Centenary Highway especially if coming from the city. This is one of Brisbane’s larger and better skate parks. It spans over 2,700 square metres form end to end. The street section is well spaced out with two main sections. This park also has a metal half pipe that is approximately 6 foot high by 12 foot wide. The main street section has a two level concrete ramp with sloped rail. This leads out to a funbox with sloped rail situated in the centre. The line finishes with a concrete bowl about 4 foot high at the other end of the main park section. Next to the bowl is a funbox with a ledge that leads out to the second section that has ledges, a flat rail and quarter pipe.

There are good facilities at this park too. It includes two sheltered picnic tables, toilets, a bmx bike track, and a basketball half court. There is a a good deal of tree coverage around the perimeter of the park. This provides a lot of shade which would be welcomed in summer. Noted though that it gets quite dark out there earlier in winter. Unfortunately there’s no lighting at this stage. Jindalee Skate park isn’t far from many shops like Jindalee DFO, McDonalds, Subway, 7-Eleven and others. They’re all in walking distance about a kilometre down Goggs Rd.

Getting to Jindalee Skatepark

Best public transport options are by bus and walking approximately 1km to the park. You could catch a bus that stops at Sinnamon Rd at Windermere, Sinnamon Park. Or otherwise look for one stopping at Kenmore Rd at Norman Street, Fig Tree Pocket. In both cases will be a two zone journey.

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