Kuraby Skatepark

2021 Update: Kuraby Skatepark had a makeover in late 2020. It is now smoother and painted. More details to come.

Kuraby Skatepark is a popular park on the southside of Brisbane. It’s been around a while and had a few makeovers along the way. As it stands the concrete is pretty rough. Having skated at Underwood in Logan just prior the difference is like chalk and cheese when it comes to speed and smoothness. Kuraby is popular for a reason however, with the rails and banks on the upper level getting heavy use. It’s also pretty big space wise for a skate park of this style. There is a big variety of banks and transitions around the park including a 5ft halfpipe. You’ll also find an assortment of rails, fun boxes, wedges, nessy and a pyramid.

Kuraby is right next to the train station and buses stop close by as well, so it’s easy to get to via public transport. If travelling by car, turn off Beenleigh Rd next to the train tracks (where the mosque is) and take road into the park. There’s plenty of parking at the back near the skatepark itself.

There are some facilities in the park including toilets and taps. Shops are just on the other side of the train station. This place can get very busy, very quickly, so pick your times if you don’t want to get snaked constantly.

  • New photos courtesy of Trinity Skateparks
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