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Everyone loves a good skate video or movie, none more so than us here at Skateboarder central. The best ones, we add here. Some because they are at Aussie Skateparks and some because they have Australian skateboarders in them. Then there’s the international skate videos, no need to explain these. They’re just worth watching.

We also dip into the archives of skateboarding to reopen movies and videos that defined a generation.

Then there’s our own collection of skate videos, with footage taken at Skateparks and spots around the country. You’ll see us around from time to time, camera in hand, or phone if we only planned on skating ourselves and not filming. We skate a lot, we film a lot. And we love to compile footage, short clips of intense sessions, demos and comps. So show us what you got and we’ll make the videos and share it with the rest of the net. And remember, shred till ya dead..


Some of the best transition skateboarding you'll see this year. Tom Schaar is really pushing the boundaries in this part. Every trick is heavy. Big airs, ...


Having skated a bunch of spots in this vid, I can tell you Jakob is making it look a lot easier than it is. It starts off with him riding the old dinosaur ...


What happens when you take a bunch of Brazilian skaters and let them loose in Australia? We find out in this 10 minute clip thanks to Thrasher and P-Stone. ...


Anyone that skated in the late 80’s will remember Powell Peralta’s The Search for Animal Chin. It was the raddest skateboarding movie to hit VHS at the time. ...

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