Palm Beach Halfpipe

This old school concrete halfpipe is tucked away beside the football and hockey clubs off 19th Avenue in Palm Beach. It’s around 6ft in height with 8ft flat and has concrete coping. It’s pretty smooth to ride and has a rollin on one side. There is nothing else here aside from the halfpipe, even the path in is rough.

How to find Palm Beach Halfpipe

Car access is via Melaleuca Dve, just turn in at the sports clubs and follow the road down till you hit the halfpipe. If you’re on foot, you can walk in from 19th Avenue, it’s about 40m up from the soccer club. Either way you won’t see it till your close. Buses stop close by so public transport is an option and there’s shops back on the gold coast highway. As it’s an old school spot there’s no dedicated facilities of any kind, although there is bathrooms on the drive in.

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