Acacia Ridge Skate Plaza

1347 Beaudesert Rd, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110, Australia

Acacia Ridge Skate Plaza is a small skate spot that is all about the ledges. In fact it’s all ledges and nothing else! Oh that and a lot of flat concrete in between.  This place is might be considered a part of YMCA which is next door and built in C.A O’Sullivan park.   Of course it seems a shame that some other fun quarters or banks could have been included to add some variety. Still a lot of fun if you’re out to grind or boardslide. Most of the ledges are a foot high with right angle metal coping. Looks good for practice getting ollies to smith grinds down. Or is that a bit old school? In addtion there’s a short rail and a small bank to muck around with. Also if you want to practise your manuals all day there’s a decent sized basketball court to roll around on. So fair to say this isn’t really a skatepark as such. Maybe calling it a Skate Plaza is an attempt to make it sound more cool and urban lol. Looks to me like it was designed with scooters in mind.

How to get to Acacia Ridge Skate Plaza

The park is closest to Mannington Rd, off Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge.  Unfortunately this is not a spot thats convenient to get to via public transport. The closest train station is at Coopers Plains which means about a 2km walk. Come down Boundary Road towards Archerfield then turn left onto Beaudesert Road. Bus options do look a bit better. There are bus stops not too far away from this Skatepark. The closest of which are north of Mannington Street and only a short walk from there.



Category : Skateparks
Type : Public Skatepark
Location : Brisbane Skateparks
Free Skatepark
Outdoor Skatepark
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