Arundel Mini Ramp

156 Olsen Ave, Arundel QLD 4214, Australia

Arundel is a smooth fun little ramp and a great place to learn and practice new lip tricks. Beginners will enjoy the smooth concrete surface and the 4ft and 5ft transitions. One wall of the Arundel Mini Ramp has a small hip leading to an extra off set bank with an angled top. One side of the transition has a platform, however the other is small. The smaller section has around 1 foot and the extension around 1/2 foot to stand or land. Metal coping rounds off the half pipe and edges making for smooth grinds. There’s not much else here aside from the ramp, just a few ledges, a water bubbler and a grind box. There’s no street section, just the concrete ledge seat. There are no lights, so night skating is out.

The mini ramp was launched in 2013 by the local council. It replaces the original old bowl that had been standing for some 20 years. The up keep on the ramp and surrounds has been good making it a a great place to skate.

There is a tap for water, a park, a few seats and some shade. The nearest shops and amenities are at the clock tower a few hundred metres up the hill. In addition, if you push your luck the hospital is just a short drive down the road. I would highly recommend not requiring their services however.

Getting to Arundel Mini Ramp

This park is on a busy main road on the stretch between harbour town and the hospital. Those using public transport are in luck with a bus stopping right in front heading in both directions. There is also a tram station 10 minutes away. Finding a car park can be difficult though on weekdays. The road is used by students at Griffith and visitors to the hospital as a source of free parking. Runaway Bay Skatepark is on the same road.


The ramp is a bit hit and miss with crowds, but generally it’s on the lighter side.

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