Brazilians In Oz

What happens when you take a bunch of Brazilian skaters and let them loose in Australia? We find out in this 10 minute clip thanks to Thrasher and P-Stone. They hit up a few of the icons and a few of the lesser known spots on the Gold Coast including Beechmont, Pizzey, Tugun, Salk Skatepark (before the extension) and the Keith Hunt HalfPipe. If you’ve ever ridden the last one or the old Pizzey bowl you’d know how good the skating in Brazilians In Oz really is. These are not your nice new smooth transitions, these are rough gnarly twisted beasts.

Skaters tearing the country to shreds include Pedro Barros, Alex Sorgente, Murilo Peres, Vi Kakinho and Felipe Foguinho. There’s also Keegan Palmer adding some Australian flavour.

Category : Skate Videos
Type : How To
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