Nerang Skatepark

Nerang Connection Rd, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia
One of the bigger and better skateparks on the coast. Nerang is a great place to spend some quality time with your board. The big U bowl is smooth and offers up many lines as well as an oververt cradle, extensions, gaps and sexy curves. It has 5ft and 6ft transitions for the most part. The doorway cutout is genius and offers up some awesome photo opportunities. The opposite end of the U is open.  The traditional kidney bowl with pool style coping brings back old school memories. The two bowls are surrounded by heaps of ledges, rails, hubbas, manual pads, banks, hips, stairs, skate art and space. There’s different angles everywhere and plenty of fun to go around. Even a hubba to car park for those that like to exit in style.
The park has lights and night sessions are popular. You will find it can get pretty crowded during peak times.
Getting to the skate park by car is easy as it’s just off the M1 and plenty of parking is available. You can see the park as you drive past on the highway. You can get public transport with buses stopping close by. Nerang train station is also only about 1km down the road.
The park has all the facilities you would expect from a quality spot including toilets, water, seats and shelters. There are shops near by but it’s still a bit of a skate. There’s also a boat ramp if you feel inclined to skate into the river (yes it’s been done).
Category : Skateparks
Type : Public Skatepark
Condition : Lights
Free Skatepark
Lights & Night Skating
Outdoor Skatepark
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