Pacific Pines Skate Park

Corner of Brockman Way & Pitcairn Way, Pacific Pines QLD 4211, Australia

Paccers is a clean concrete skate park located at the northern end of the Gold Coast. It’s also known as the Brockman Way Skate Park, but for most its just the Pacific Pines Skate Park.

The setup is a little different to other parks in the south east. Its layout is in a rectangular shape ,with a small 4ft halfpipe offshoot. It has banks everywhere, large banks, small banks. It does also have a number of hips. There is a 6ft halfpipe that’s fairly steep, but that’s about it in the way of transitions. Aside from all the banks there’s a large 3 stair section that runs down one side. There’s a pyramid in the middle with joined 90 degree hubba extensions on one half. There’s a few rails, ledges and grind boxes around, some without any run up.

It has no lights, but when on the nearby soccer field lights do provide very limited visibility. Seating around the park is by way of large flat rocks and picnic tables. Water is available but the closest amenities are at the soccer club. A 7/11 and McDonalds are around 800m away. The area is shaded well, especially in the afternoon.

First thing you notice when visiting the park is the high number of scooter kids and their parents. You may even notice an assortment of mini bmx bikes with training wheels. This place is jam packed with families and younger kids outside of school hours.

Getting to Pacific Pines Skate Park

It’s only a few minutes off the M1 and not far from the start of Smith St (the main road in/out of Southport). It’s on one of the many roundabouts in the area and easily visible from the road. It has no dedicated car park but there is plenty of street parking. Buses stop within 50m, check with Translink for times and routes.


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  • October 12, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    This park is literally over run by scooters and miniature bikes. There's at least 40 plus there in the afternoons and on weekends. On the skating side there is a bit of fun to be had, even if a few of the elements are in strange spots. Nerang has a lot more to offer and it's fairly close.

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