RampAttak Indoor Skatepark – Closed

Rampattak Skatepark closed its doors indefinitely from June 2020. Whilst the park has closed, they continue to offer Scooter Lessons and intend on finding a new location to set-up in the future.

RampAttak Indoor Skatepark is one of the rare undercover parks in Brisbane, meaning rain, hail or shine you can still skate. Easy to get to, only a couple of hundred metres from Sunshine Railway Station, north of Brisbane.

This place is very popular, watch out for the weekends lots of kids parties and that means lots of scooters ;-). In the back corner is a half pipe about 8 foot high with a transition close to vert. Also has a wall ride and roll in.Apart from a wodden bowl and a smaller 5 foot half pipe, the majority of the area is setup like a street park. There are quarters end to end, rails and funboxes in between. There’s also a small trick bowl about 2-3 foot which often has caused me some pain!

A 3 hour session will cost you $13, or $11 if you’re a member. Plenty of fun her, best option is Monday night skaters only 6-9pm. Some other Bike only sessions during a week etc. so it’s worth checking their website for session information. Most of the time its mixed.

This skatepark is here for reference and memories only.