Vert Ramp

Go big or go home! If you’re looking to skate a beast of a ramp, there’s a few options around.

What is a Vert Ramp?

It’s a halfpipe that has a vert section at the top of the transition. So in essence you have your flat, curved transition (quarter circle usually 10-12ft) and a vertical top that can range anywhere from 1/2ft to 2ft.

These are great for getting big air as the vert helps keep you inside the ramp. It does add a whole new element of risk though, especially with lip tricks, as it’s easier to hang up. Trust me when I say falling backwards on a 13ft ramp after hanging up on a rock to fakie is not fun. And the moral of the story is stay switched on when riding one.

Level Up Skatepark

Looking across Level Up Skatepark

The only indoor skatepark on the Gold Coast, this spot is wall to wall radness. There's something for everyone to skate at Level Up Skatepark, no matter what style you ride. This is a private ...

Flametree Halfpipe

Flametree Halfpipe

Not something I was expecting to come across on a trip out to Shute Harbour, but it made my day. Standing around 12ft tall, this vert ramp is still under construction, but it looks the goods. I've ...

Beenleigh Skatepark

Beenleigh Skatepark Halfpipe

Update: The Beenleigh Skatepark has undergone a massive upgrade. Basically the entire thing was ripped down and rebuilt. There are still massive ramps everywhere though. And whilst this is mainly ...

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