The Search for Animal Chin

Anyone that skated in the late 80’s will remember Powell Peralta’s The Search for Animal Chin. It was the raddest skateboarding movie to hit VHS at the time. The plot follows the Bones Brigade’s journey searching for the fabled Won Ton ‘Animal’ Chin.

Being one of the first core skateboarding movies made by skateboarders to include some kind of plot, it was unique. We got to see some of the best skaters of a generation goofing it up and shredding everything in their path. Keep in mind this was before the internet came to life. So for many of us we got to lay eyes on our first ever spine ramp, what a beast.

It included Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero and Lance Mountain. In the movie you get to see them destroy Wallows, skate pools, kickers and ramps as well as introducing us to skate exercises. “Method air and one foot air and judo air and comb your hair”. Rodney Mullen also makes an appearance showing off his own unique brand of skating.

It also gave us a series of memorable skater quotes such as “Have you seen him?”. “Yapple Dapple”. “Urethane Baby” and “Bunson over the Junson”.

4 person handplant on spine

4 Person Handplant on Spine in The Search for Animal Chin

The movie summarised the spirit of skateboarding at the time. Just a bunch of mates having fun, skating everything in their path. Searching out new spots and creating their own brand of mayhem. It didn’t matter that they were top pros, Animal Chin was all about the journey.

This movie is over 30 years old now (I have the t-shirt to prove it), but it will long remain in the memories of a generation of skateboarders. If you’re one of the new generation, do your self a favour and check out these guys shredding everything on heavy wide boards. The acting may be poor, but you’ll be better off for watching it.

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