Toombul Skatepark

Across from the Shopping Centre is the Toombul Skatepark. Very close to public transport with Toombul Train Station very close by. Also across the road is the main Bus Terminal.

An S shaped series of small banks about 3 foot high feature in the middle of the park, that look like long extended pyramids. They are fairly steep not much you can do with them except for riding over them to get to the quarter. Metal quarter pipes line the end and right side of the park. They are about 4 foot high and the end one possibly 5 foot. On the left side is a bank but again this leads into the centre. They are probably not much help for gaining speed for the quarters. There’s no lighting or toilets nearby. Otherwise the park is well shaded by the trees. Not the smoothest ride on the bitumen though.

How to find Toombul Skatepark

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