Underwood Park Skatepark

Underwood Park Skatepark is smooth and fast with a bowl and a street section. The bowl is a double with spine, bank and roll through. One side is 5ft, the other 6ft and the bank sits out around 7. It has metal coping all round. The street section has all the regulars you’d expect in a modern park. Hubbas, euro gap, grind boxes, rails and a range of banks, quarters and transitions.

The quarters at the base of this park are small with mellow transitions. Considering how much speed you can carry to them they seem like jump ramps. That being said the quarter to car park gap is a stylish way to exit.

The skatepark has seats and a shelter. It is in a much larger park that has all sorts of facilities. These include toilets, water, sporting fields, club, bmx track and walkways. The park is right at the back of suburbia and around 5km from the freeway via Springwood. Getting there by car is a bit tricky depending on your freeway exit, so use gps or maps if you aren’t a local. Buses do stop near by and will get you to and from Garden City. The nearest shops are a small convenience store around 1km away. When other sports in the park are in season you will find canteens open everywhere.

Take note this skatepark does have surveillance cameras.

How to find Underwood Park Skatepark

As for the naming of this place, it can cause confusion as it is often referred to as Underwood Skatepark. Quite often skateparks are named after their location. This one however is not. This place is not in Underwood, which is 2 suburbs away. It’s in Priestdale, right on the border with Rochedale South. In the old days it was called the Rochedale or Priestdale bowl. The bowl is in Underwood Park and at the end of Underwood rd, but not in the suburb.

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