Upper Coomera Halfpipe and Skatepark

The standout feature of the Adventure Parklands is the 12ft Upper Coomera Half Pipe. There’s around 10 1/2 feet of transition and around 1 1/2 foot of vert. It’s wide as well, so in good proportion. It has a surface of painted metal sheeting with metal coping. Stairs at the rear of the platform make the transition to the top rather boring. Try the alternative route such as skating your way up or going full ninja warrior style.

There is an issue with a few layers of paint peeling off. This is a real issue as the exposed hard chips will cut you to shreds if you slam or slide on a ramp this size.

The sign says “Skating and bike riding are high risk sports. It is suggested you wear protective gear.” sic. Well when it comes to this ramp in this state, it’s not the worst idea.

This Halfpipe is choice bro (getting my 4209 Kiwi on) and is usually empty and void of anyone attempting to ride it, even on weekends. I’ve skated it plenty of times and only one other skater has ever turned up when I’m there. So if you love big ramps and no crowds, this is the place to be. Note though that scooter kids and their younger siblings do see the flat ground of the ramp as a stage.

In addition to the vert ramp there’s a few smaller obstacles spread out on a flat concrete section. There’s a 5ft quarter, 6ft flat ramp, wall ride, spine, fun box and another tiny bank mini. The area is pretty small and the park is popular with locals so it becomes crowded quickly.

The park has a small car park that fills quickly. It is shared with an Adidas fitness park which includes a fenced mini basketball and soccer area. There’s also some bike trails and jumps. There is water and toilets on site. Take note that this park does have surveillance cameras. There are a few seats around the park with halfpipe seating by way of rocks.

The nearest bus stop is around 400m away and the closest shops around 600m. Upper Coomera is a bit out of the way of mainstream gold coast, but if you’re travelling the M1 it’s only a few minutes to the park from the turnoff.

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