Victoria Point Skatepark

The Victoria Point Skatepark is surrounded by large trees so it’s covered end to end in leaf litter. If you’re planning a visit, you may want to bring a broom so you can clean it off. Or better yet bring a battery or petrol powered leaf blower which should be a lot faster.

You’ll discover there’s a skatepark hidden under all the leaves.  There’s a pyramid fun box with ledge sitting in the middle with small quarters, banks and a rail around it. The quarters are around 3ft in height and have metal coping. There’s also a concrete hip bank with rounded edges on top that also acts as a launchpad. A larger bank is setup to give you speed onto the rail and fun box. The flat ground is old concrete. The transitions and banks have been resurfaced and painted though which makes them smooth to skate.

The skatepark is part of a larger area that has a dirt BMX track, BBQ’s, shelters with seats, toilets, bins and a playground. If you’re after shops there’s the Town Centre and Victoria Point shopping centres about 1km to the west.

Getting to Victoria Point Skatepark

If you’re heading to Victoria Point by car there’s some off street parking. You’ll find it on Colburn Ave, which is the main street heading into Victoria Point from Cleveland Redland Bay Road. It’s on the left hand side if you’re heading to the bay. The entrance is directly opposite the cricket nets and football oval. If you take a look at street view before you head off you’ll know what you’re looking for.  The bus stops for both directions are around 200m to the east. If you’re going to head out this way from Brisbane or elsewhere be sure to include some of the nearby skateparks in the mix.

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