About Skateboarder

When an ollie is landed in a front yard, the ripple creates a gnarly website some 30 years later.

In chaos theory, small things make a big difference. In skateboarding, it’s the same. And one ollie on a front yard started a lifetime journey in the spirit of Animal Chin.

The guys at Skateboarder have had enough of watching everyone else have all the fun online. It’s time we dropped in and added a few new tricks to this great big net skatepark. After all, we’ve spent our lives building websites, filming, taking photos and we’re still mates and skateboarding after 30 years. So if anything it’s well overdue.


Anthony (Ollie) Oliver

A skater moulded in the frame of Tony Hawk but without any of the style or ability. Regularly posts videos of himself on social media that involve face planting on mini ramps to try and attract sympathy. Ollie has been skating on and off for 30 years and his favourite terrain is ramps.

When Ollie is not shredding the vert ramps or carving up kidneys he’s admiring his shiny framed Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and contemplating why he spends so much time thinking about working when he could be skating…or actually working..

Terry (Ledge) Neller

Terry has been shredding the internet full-time for the past 20 years. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for his skateboarding, which today seems as backwards and hung up as a failed ice plant. Terry has found a bright side in mediocrity though through his vocal outbursts when landing easy tricks. Boom, that just happened.

Lucky for him he has some other skills such as filming, editing and producing videos for TV and DVDs. His online videos have attracted millions of views. He’s also handy surfing the keyboard with his websites attracting tens, if not hundreds, of millions of views.


Shred till we’re dead. Build a gnarly independent website for skateboarders. Keep Searching for Animal Chin.. Steeze.

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