Australian Skateboarding Events Map

The Skateboarding Events Map is one rad little map that you’ll want to bookmark and share. It covers competitions, pro demos, skateboarding clinics, skatepark opening days and more. Right across Australia you’ll find skateboarding events taking place. And we’ve added them, no matter whether they are for beginners, pros, or the interested public.

By default you can see all events across the country, but you can go local as well. If you’d like to narrow it down, zoom in on your region. To see only comps, simply pick competitions from the dropdown menu. Same goes for demos and community days, which covers a wide range of events.

When you’ve found the region you wish to look for events in, click on a pointer with a number in it. A 1 means 1 event, 2 means 2 events at that location. And so on. If you hover over it it’ll give you the name of the skatepark or place. By clicking the pointer it’ll bring up a list of events at that point. It’ll give you the title and the name. If you’d like to learn more about that event click on the event name. This will take you to the event page with all the details.

Whilst we do list international skateboarding events in the calendar, we don’t list them on the events map.

If you’d like to see all events in standard view, without the map, try the events calendar

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