Murray Skatepark Townsville

Murray Skatepark Townsville is on Murray Lyons Crescent, just on the south side of Ross River near Townsville Stadium.  Its a few kms south of town centre.  The arrangement of shade sails covers the majority of the park.  There seems to be lights, but not sure how effective the sails would block a lot of light.

A long L shaped quarter adjoins a U shaped bowl. It creates a skinny one foot or less platform on top between them. On the far end of the bowl there are also has different transition ramps built in with a grind box on the platform. A series of ledges sit aside the two different height pyramids positioned in the centre flat.  The smaller one has a kinked rail for grinds. Closest to the car park side a wide bank gives you an approach to the pyramids, and also you can use the flat transition ramp on the other side.

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