Welcome to the New Skateboarder

Welcome to the new SKATEBOARDER. This site is the culmination of countless hours of hard work by two dedicated skateboarders.

Over the past 30 years we’ve skated a lot, written a lot, and taken heaps of photos and videos. We’ve gained a lot from skateboarding, and now it is time for us to give back.


The new Skateboarder site and media is all inclusive and independent. We have no affiliations. Nothing to sell. We want all skaters out there to have ready access to the latest info on everything skateboarding. Whether you’re on your mobile and searching for the closest skate shop, or sitting on your desktop mapping out your next skate safari. Whether you want to compete or just watch some rad demo. SKATEBOARDER has you covered.

There’s a lot already on offer, but there’s even more coming your way. Upcoming events, up to date details on skate parks, rad videos, skater profiles, local core shops, and heaps more. We want to get down to the bare bones leaving no stone unturned.

What’s more, it’s all FREE. It’s free to use, that goes without saying. But it’s also free to add events, shops, schools, gear, even your own Skater Profile. You can add as much detail as you want including photos, videos, etc. Simply register and add what you want. It’s fast and secure. Let us know all the info skaters are looking for and we’ll help spread the word.

Skateboarder is Fresh

Now we know this place is new, real new. But it’s also fresh and current. And like any good run, it all starts with a simple drop in. And that’s all this is, a simple drop in. Just the beginning of one serious marathon run. So be sure to bookmark us, share, and check in from time to time. The best is yet to come..

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