Ormeau Skatepark

The Ormeau Skatepark has a little bit of everything for those that enjoy street skating. Banks, ledges, hips, stairs, volcano, ledges, mini quarters, hubbas, rails. At only 3 years old (at time of writing), it has a modern design blending coloured obstacles with smooth lines. There’s nothing of any size here, maybe one quarter at 6ft. The rest are in the smaller range making it ideal for beginners. If you like transitions and lip tricks this place can take some getting used to. It’s a fast surface, but carrying your speed between transitions in the bowl area means picking the right lines.

The facilities are good, with lights keeping the action going into the night. They usually do a half switch off at 9:50pm and it goes completely dark at 10pm 7 days. There are also a lot of shelters and seats scattered around. Take note there are surveillance cameras monitoring the park. There is a shopping centre and a pub handy (if you’re over 18, not driving, etc).

The car park is a handy addition as you wouldn’t want to be taking public transport to get here. It’s located on the west side of the M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast on the service rd.

You will find a mix of scooters and skateboards here given the style of the park. It can also get very busy outside of school hours.

Ormeau Skatepark Location

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