Suffolk Park Skatepark

Beech Dr, Suffolk Park NSW 2481, Australia

Suffolk Park Skatepark is all about street. Aside from one 3 sided micro bowl and a couple of small quarters, it’s all banks, ledges, stairs and rails.

It is split into 2 sections. One section is multi purpose with a basketball court and concrete ping pong table. In this section you’ll find quite a few portable rails, grind boxes, some DIY and the like. There’s also fixed elements like a rail, double bank with lip and a wedge ramp with down rails and a gap. Joining this section to the main skatepark is an 8 stair with down rail, hubbas and a bank.

The skatepark proper has an assortment of elements. There’s a large bank that tapers off in height on the sides. In the middle of the bank there’s a small quarter and there’s a hubba going down to the flat. On the flat you’ll find a wedge ramp, grind box, and a pyramid style fun box with flat down rail, full length hubba, launch pad and ledge. On the other side of the park you’ll find the 3 sided micro bowl, small quarters, and assorted ledge rails.

Surrounding the skate park there’s sporting fields, BBQ’s, seats, shelters, tennis courts, playground, and a community garden. There’s also toilets and water available.

Getting to Suffolk Park Skatepark

Whether you’re heading south from Byron, or north from Lennox Head, you’ll the the skate park on the western side of the coastal road running between them. The car park turn off is on Beech Rd, which starts and ends on Broken Head Rd. On the circuit you’ll find a big open park on the eastern side of Beech that has a drive heading down next to the fence. If you turn in there there’s car parks available. From the car park you’ll need to walk or skate around 100m to the skatepark. It’s next to the tennis courts and behind the gazebos. There are bus stops near by if you’re using public transport.


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