Lennox Heads Skatepark

The Lennox Heads Skatepark is one street back from the beach next to the community centre. It has a mix of both street and transition elements so there’s a little something for everyone no matter your style.

There is a skate bowl that is 5ft in height and unique to the region. It is in the shape of a clover, which offers up interesting lines and hips. The bowl sits on a raised platform above the rest of the park. Also on the platform is a curved grind box which backs onto a 4ft quarter pipe. There’s a few manual pads on the deck as well. Heading down to the flatland there are a few banks and a hubba. On the flat you’ll find a fun box with both a curved and a straight ledge. There’s also a flat rail. The other side of the park has a wide 4ft quarter pipe.

There is water available at the park, and the skatepark sits on the edge of much larger sporting fields. There are shops across the road and it’s close to the beach.

Getting to Lennox Heads Skatepark

Park Lane is the road you’re looking for. No matter whether you come into town from the south on Ballina St, or the north west from Byron St, Park Lane turns directly off both. The skatepark is in the middle section of the road. Just look for sporting fields and the large unique cultural and community centre building. There are coach stops nearby if you’re planning on bussing your way around the coast.

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