Logan Village Skatepark

Logan Village Skatepark is a good size with a mix of transitions, street elements, levels and lines.

The park starts with a 3 sided 2ft micro bowl with metal coping. Either side there’s banks with different height down rails. On the next level down is a wide ledge with a slight down gradient as well as a quarter adjoining the bowl. There’s also a pyramid with 2 flat banks and 2 curved quarters that extend into a spine. A small down rail takes us down to the next level. Here you’ll find the big bowl. It a 3 sided bowl that starts out around 4ft in height. The back section of the bowl extends up to 6ft and then to 7ft. It has metal coping all round. Up top there’s banks, rails, down ledge, and a grind ledge running right across the back of the bowl. On the flat there’s a fun box with a flat down rail. It joins onto the pyramid extension. There’s also a flat rail up top in the sheltered area.

The bowl has been named “Smitty’s Bowl” in memory of Clinton Lee Smith. The skatepark was a part of his life. He was part of its planning, and from the day it opened he was there.

At the Skate Park you’ll find a shade sail covering seats at the entry. You’ll also find a water bubbler. In the wider park there’s open space, a playground and toilets. There’s a pub next door and a range of shops on the main strip.

The skatepark was opened in 2001.

Getting to Logan Village Skatepark

The skate park is just off the main road running through Logan Village on Logan St, just behind the pub. There’s plenty of off street parking available. Logan Village is a fair way south from Waterford, and there doesn’t appear to be any public transport heading out this far. If you’re planning a road trip to Logan Village, do yourself a favour and visit here as well as the new Jimboomba Skatepark. They are not that far away from each other considering the time to get out here.

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