Ison Park Skatepark Greenbank

Ison Park Skatepark is in the bushland area at the back of Greenbank. The flatland was originally a half court basketball court. With the hoop removed, it is now a small prefab park with 3 metal elements. There’s a 4ft quarter pipe on one end which is around 9ft wide. The other side has a 4ft flat bank. In the middle there’s a combo box which contains a 4ft spine, a small double wedge ramp and a fun box. There are a lot of trees around and hence sticks and branches litter the park. You may want to bring something to sweep with so you can skate without any sudden stops.

Ison Park also has a picnic shelter, bins and a basketball hoop. The nearest shops are back up on Middle Rd opposite the Greenbank Skatepark.

Greenbank has a lot to answer for with their prefab, as they have the only two skateparks in all of Logan with them. Beenleigh does have prefab as well but that’s more of a BMX park. Whilst the Logan City Council doesn’t list the nearby Rhino Ramp prefab on their list of skate facilities, this one they do.

Getting to Ison Park Skatepark

There is no public transport into the area at all. If you’ve ever been out this way you’ll know it’s just multi-acre blocks and an army base set in bushland. Ison Park is on Ison Rd, and the skatepark right next to the Rural Fire Brigade. It’s easy to find and spot from the road. There’s a few parking spots off the road and as it’s unlikely to get very busy parking is a non issue.

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